( Possible Dangers From Global Warming)

11 Jan
( Possible Dangers From Global Warming)
Global warming is helping to melt earth’s ice-caps which is causing the sea levels to rise. This is moving mass weight which is creating different pressures on different areas of the tectonic plates. The different pressures would have an effect on the tectonic plates and move them. The pacific ocean is vast, if the sea level raised by a foot, could you imagine how much extra weight would be pushing down on the tectonic plates in that area with how heavy water is. Its probable the reason the ring of fire surrounds the pacific ocean because the movement of the tectonic plates is the cause of earthquakes and volcano’s and that extra weight has to move the tectonic plates.
This is not the only possible danger from global warming.
Scientists know the earths axis tilts which is the cause of the ice-age, but the cause of the tilt is unknown. The sun and moon effects earth by pulling earths oceans so there is a powerful gravitational pull on earth. The pole’s ice-caps would be like weights on a set of scales and if one of these weights were to disappear, the other would become heavier to the aliened gravitational pull of the sun and moon.
North pole ice-cap is in the ocean, there is salt in the ocean which raises the temperature, this would help to melt the ice a lot quicker than the south pole ice-cap. The south pole ice-cap is on land and the salt in the ocean wouldn’t have any effect on the ice. This would mean the north pole ice would melt and disappear a lot sooner than the south pole ice, which would mean the south pole would become heavier to the aliened sun and moon gravitational pull. The south pole would  be pulled towards the sun and moon while at the same time the north would tilt away. This would cause the next ice-age. The build up of ice at the north pole and the melting of the ice at the south pole with it being closer to the sun now, would be extremely fast, this is mass weight moving about in a short period of time.
This would cause bigger earthquakes and volcano’s and would be more frequent.
I have put a lot of thought into this theory and everything could react in the way I have said.
I also believe the earth’s oceans help to keep the earth balance.
                                                                                By    Jonathan Michael Bardsley